About Us

IOT Global Pte. Ltd. is an entrepreneurial-minded tech professional services firm. We have deep expertise in management consultancy, system integration and digital services.

  • Software: Application development, digital content, design
  • Hardware: Infrastructure, networking, secur ity
  • Consultancy: Business process, growth hacking, lean, ICO

Whether it’s programming, making designs or showing the world our skills, our strategies with our craft is what makes us stand out above the rest.

Our Digital Services


We have the best developers hand-picked for today’s world-class standards in development practices. We have the expertise in the latest cutting-edge technologies.


Design represents the information the customer seeks out. Our focus on user experience is the center of what we do. We create state-of-the-art interfaces and designs, not just ordinary websites and apps.


We are all about being able to catch the audience’s attention. Our growth strategies can help build awareness and high conversion rate for your business by creating one-on-one bonds.


We scale for you without any fuss and provide you with the best talents at much lower cost, empowering the ability to outreach your products to your desired audience.

Why Growth Hacking

The Next Big Thing For Marketing

Digital Growth

In the tech world resources are limited therefore the need for creativity to acquire new users and retain them is becoming more and more important. This is the meaning of growth.

Cost Effectiveness

Traditional marketing channels are expensive and saturated.

Distribution is All

Today the real challenge is not the products anymore but distribution.

Contemporary Marketing

Product and marketing are becoming one, thus also pushing product and marketing teams to work together inside successful companies.

Growth With Long Term Sustainability

What is a Growth Hacker

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation, across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow.

Growth hackers combine marketing, engineering and product management skills with a focus on building and engaging the users base of a business.

Early Traction & Launches

We advise our clients to validate their product, prototype or idea in the market immediately. Early traction campaigns are able to provide deep insights that can change the game for many product launches early on.

We focus on feedbacks received from prelaunch activities that will be invaluable data for companies that are planning to launch new products or services. We focus on special acquisition tactics, measuring and increasing the number of visitors, getting pre-orders and creating segmented databases for email automation and marketing.

Creating highly specialized landing pages can extract invaluable information from users such as product features, pre-orders and tangible traction that are desired. We use this data to analyze the product/market fit and give suggestions for any required changes that will be tested again until market interest manifests.

Grow Your Product

We help boost your best customer acquisition channels for maximum results. We will devise and help you implement a specifically tailored growth plan based on your baseline, objectives, challenges and strengths.

Our growth plan is based on your targets, and processes are implemented and KPIs are reported on a weekly basis. Our reviews are based on a cycle of measurement, analysis, optimization, implementation and testing.

With IOT, you will always see and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and its impact on your bottom-line. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business, this is the right place.

Campaign Optimization

We first research, describe and understand the present status of the campaign through various metrics. We then use the collected data and combine it with our analysis, as well as the marketing information and targets provided by the you. We then create a set of hypothesis which we put to testing taking into considerations client’s market position and brand and the product’s marketing status.

We deploy A/B testing, advanced UI/UX practices, and other growth techniques based on the behavior of the target market. We will also design and implement flows that triggers the interest and leading to conversion of the target audience. This will create a measurable path to achieve the desired results. Our processes are transparent, and you will participating throughout the journey.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) present startups with the opportunity to bypass traditional early seed funding and raise capital directly from their product users. Unfortunately, many startups find the process overwhelming.

This is why IOT offers utility token ICO advisory services designed to enable companies to maximize the potential of their ICOs. Our package covers areas that include investment, marketing, blockchain, technical and related consultancy for raising fund (both BTC and ETH currencies).

The goal of our team is the detailed preparation, elaboration of your idea’s concept and/or finished product, launch of the ICO process and assistance in attracting necessary investments.

Our ICO Services

Blockchain, Compliance Infrastructure, ICOs, Security Token Platforms, and Regulated Digital Assets


Development of technical platform for pre-sale and pre-ICO, incl. ERC20 token contract, investor dashboard, crypto wallet.

All inclusive infrastructure that includes creation, distribution, ICO platform hosting and landing page design.

Stress testing of technical platform, dashboard and crypto wallet (DDoS, hacking, etc.)

Development of landing page, microsites or mobile apps for marketing and campaigns


Applying the “Howey Test” to determine whether the token falls under SEC oversight.

Development of investment teaser and white paper

Validation of white paper and concept with the prospective investors and blockchain community.

Development of Technical assignment for lawyers in order to build legal base for the project


Development of design guideline and brand book for project

Design, development and deployment of marketing plan and campaigns for pre-sale and pre-ICO stages

Traditional and digital marketing approaches

Building and maintaining an engaged community

Project Placement on ICO LIstings


Development of detailed timeline for pre-sale and pre-ICO stages.

Benchmarking of ICO campaigns within the same or related industries of Project.

Forming the Project team.

Development of token concept and economy (Tokenomics) (recommendations on how to use tokens in the system, how to distribute tokens, how to calculate discounts for investors of different types at different stages) for ICO.

Make Stuff People Want and Market it

Growth hacking as a tool and mindset to gain access to who your customers are and where they are in this new world.

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